Pennsylvania State System of Higher at Center City Philadelphia

Alerts and Notifications

Timely Warnings

The State System @ Center City Executive Director will contact partner university campus police to make a decision regarding the necessity of a timely notification warning.

If deemed necessary, the State System @ Center City Executive Director and/or partner university campus police will issue a timely warning notification. The State System @ Center City will provide timely warning notifications using e2Campus (more information to follow), the State System @ Center City website (, email to all available email addresses to partners, faculty and students, and by posting notices throughout the Concourse Level and the 3rd Floor.

Emergency Drills

Building management runs three (3) drills per year. Two (2) are shelter-in-place drills and one (1) is a fire drill. Drills are run three (3) times throughout the day: morning; evening; third shift.

It is important to participate in these drills and pay close attention to any building announcements during the drill. This will help prepare you in the case of a real emergency.

The City of Philadelphia issues a city wide evacuation drill once every five (5) years. Specific instructions will be provided by building management prior to the drill via email and during the drill using the loudspeaker system.

Weather Alerts

  • The State System @ Center City Weather & Utility Closings and Delays will be shared with partner universities on an annual basis.

  • In case of an emergency, there will be direct communication with university program coordinators and meeting planners.

  • The State System @ Center City cancellations and closings will be broadcast on the following television and radio stations

    • ABC - Channel 6

    • FOX - Channel 29

    • CW - Channel 17

    • CBS - Channel 3

    • NBC - Channel 10

    • KYW Radio - 1060 AM

  • The State System @ Center City cancellations & closings will be left in a message on (267) 386-3001.

  • The State System @ Center City cancellations & closings will be posted on this website.

  • Emergency or weather related situations will be broadcast to students and faculty via a text messaging system called E2Campus. This service is available to anyone who signs up to e2Campus..

e2campus LogoThe State System @ Center City makes the e2Campus Notification System available to provide you with up-to-date emergency and weather-related information.

Keep in mind...

  • This service is completely voluntary. You may opt-in or opt-out at any time.
  • You are responsible for messaging charges from your wireless service provider(s).
  • You will not receive messages for which you did not register.
  • Your information is not shared with nor sold to third parties.

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Last Updated 3/8/18